Title of article:

WHO reassesses appropriate body-mass index for Asian populations

Authors: Choo V.
Journal: The Lancet, Jul 2002 20;360(9328):235


This is a short communication in the Lancet, without an abstract. Here is the major quote:

"The range for acceptable, normal, or optimum body-mass index (BMI) for Asian populations should be narrowed to 18.5-23 kg/m2, according to a WHO expert consultation on appropriate BMI for these populations that took place on July 8-11 in Singapore".

Comments and Key points

The WHO committee examined data from 10 Asian countries, relating BMI to risk factors. It appears that the major consultant behind this conclusion was "Paul" ( Deurenberg) of The Netherlands.

So the Asian "overweight" criterion is >=23.0 kg/m2. But "obesity" body mass index criteria is up to each Asian nation to decide for themselves.

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