Child Growth Charts of height weight and body mass index.

Are child growth charts interesting? You bet! They help you judge a child's height and weight in relation to other children of the same age and race/ethnicity.  The growth charts can compare boys and girls growth rates, as their height and weight changes with age, and show the growth spurt that occurs during adolescence.

In year 2000, the CDC released new growth charts for children.  The CDC charts replace the older versions of charts for children's height and weight were based on data from 1977.  Kids are taller and heavier now compared to 1977.  But the CDC's new charts don't satisfy all needs. Hence the charts:

Why use these growth charts, sometimes?

  1. The CDC did not publish charts for specific race/ethnic group categories. Instead, the CDC lumped everyone together. If you study the charts, you will notice that differences exist.
  2. The CDC charts can be confusing, when both Height and Weight curves are on the same page. The charts use separate pages, which is a little easier to understand.
  3. On CDC charts, the 95th percentile weight line appears to be too low.  I.e., If your child is obese, the CDC charts label your child as even more obese than they really are. ( further discussion here.)

The growth charts available on this web page are derived from the most recent survey data available.  ( The NHANES III was a comprehensive survey of the American population during years 1988-1994.) This data was re-analyzed and re-plotted for the growth charts.



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Boys Weight White
Boys Height White
Boys Weight Black
Boys Height Black
Boys Weight Hispanic
Boys Height Hispanic
Boys Weight Other
Boys Height Other
Girls Weight White
Girls Height White
Girls Weight Black
Girls Height Black
Girls Weight Hispanic
Girls Height Hispanic
Girls Weight Other
Girls Height Other


The CDC growth charts are the new standard. They can be downloaded and printed with very high quality.  They are suitable for all standard uses.  The growth charts are not designed for high quality printing.

Use the charts as a quick on-line reference,  use them as a "second opinion", use them when you want results for specific race/ethic groups, and use them to reassure overweight kids that they are not alone.

Childrens body mass index charts, according to Age, are available from the CDC, and also here:

Boys BMI chart

Mens BMI chart

Girls BMI chart

Womens BMI chart

The charts were created by Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC and John Hanson, MSc.
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