Average height and weight charts

Showing percentiles and variance for men and women.

Accurate mens and womens height and weight charts, are useful for comparing your height and weight to others of the same age, gender and race/ethnic group, and they show you the national average weight and heights.

This page contains the height weight charts for adults.

The halls.md height weight charts

height weight charts

for Adults
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My suggestion: Visit the height chart first, to determine your "height percentile". Then go to the weight chart to see if your "weight percentile" is reasonably close.

Charts for body mass index percentiles according to age for adults are now available (below) but charts of  weight for height are not yet available.  In the meantime, you can use this Body Mass Index calculator, which calculates an estimate of these percentiles.

The charts available on this web page are based on data from the NHANES III survey.  The NHANES III was a comprehensive survey of the American population during years 1988-1994.

The four race/ethnic groups used in NHANES III were: non-hispanic white, non-hispanic black, Mexican-American, and other.


Mens BMI chart
of Male Body Mass Index for Age.
Womens BMI chart
of Female Body Mass Index for Age.


Mens Weight White
Men Height White
Men Weight Black
Men Height Black
Men Weight Hispanic
Men Height Hispanic
Men Weight Other
Men Height Other
Women Weight White
Women Height White
Women Weight Black
Women Height Black
Women Weight Hispanic
Women Height Hispanic
Women Weight Other
Women Height Other

The most common reason that people use these charts is to find out if they, or someone they love, is overweight.  While it is scientifically proven that obesity is unhealthy, please also remember that a negative self-image is also unhealthy.  If you are overweight, these charts show that you are not alone.  The people you see on television or in magazines, don't represent the real population.

Perhaps you are wondering, what is your ideal body weight?  Click here for more ideal weight calculations.

Medical science can suggest a normal range of body mass index values that are equally reasonable and healthy. Outside of that normal range, when either overweight or underweight, then some statistically significant health risks have been proven.  On the other hand, public opinion, as influenced by television and print advertising, portrays an unrealistic narrow range of "ideal".  So, remember that genetics and family history is the most significant determinant of your height and weight. (Just don't use that as an excuse to avoid exercise and good nutrition).

The halls.md charts were created by Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC and John Hanson, MSc.
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