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First, a Body Mass Index Calculator you'll like

The Body Mass Index BMI Calculator provides Body Mass Index with great usability features and unique weight percentiles.  Find out if you are overweight.

UPDATE: The BMI calculator(s) have recently changed, and are now providing improved "percentiles" reporting and "body description" criteria, based on the most recent American data available.
Also Updated: v2 criteria have been released for judging what is overweight.

Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

The Breast Cancer Risk Calculator  provides a detailed breast cancer risk assessment, that educates as it estimates a woman's chances of developing breast cancer.

Ideal Weight Calculations

Several methods of Ideal Weight Calculations helps you choose an Ideal Weight goal reasonably. The scientific basis is discussed.

Body Surface Area Calculator

This Body Surface Area BSA Calculator  will calculate Body Surface Area safely for medication doses.

Growth Charts of Children's Height and Weight

Pediatric Child Growth Charts are modern charts of children's height and weight.  Parents often wonder if their child is overweight or too small.

Height and Weight Charts

Height and weight charts These charts show how the weight and height of individuals tends to change with age, and shows the average weight of women and men.

The Talking Moose

The Talking Moose. Once apon a time, there was a famous software program called "the Talking Moose". In a retro freaky act of love by its fans, some of whom are skilled programmers, it has been kept going for decades, and now you can download it for PCs. Trust me, it's good.

Its better for your health than anything else on this website. Humor keeps you healthy.

Breast Cancer info

Breast-cancer.ca is a website I created and filled with diagnostic information about breast cancer.



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